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South Paw's Doberman                                     DIY TETHER TOY                                            TUTORIAL

Everything we used here was purchased at tractor supply or we already had at home. Normal price of the tether toy can be up to 60.00!! However we thought we would make our own. We are not responsible for any injuries sustained.. 

Materials needed-

-1 stock whip (purchased at tractor supply)

-2 studded half metal posts (purchased at tractor supply not listed on web site.)


-Zip ties

-Screw clamps x3

-Hose foam or rubber about 2-3 inches long (wide enough to fit on the top art of handle of whip)

We made ours for about 32.00 including toy price (11.99)

Note ours was tested by our nanny dog Nemo who is a Pit bull X Mastiff. She weighs about 80lbs and is built like a tank! It passed her as our test. 


Drive 2 metal posts in the ground side by side. We placed a 2x4 at tops and slammed into ground with back of an ax.  Please note the ones that were available in the store are not listed online but they looked like the bottoms of these and they were about 3-4ft tall. 


TIP-(You can put zip ties around bottoms so they go in ground as closely as possible.)


Slide the hose on the handle of the whip and then put the whip in between the 2 posts. The hose keeps the whip from wobbling out of place. You want the full handle and most of hose in place to keep it sturdy. 


Place 3 screw clamps on the 2 metal posts to hold them together. Place 1 at the base by the ground, one in the middle and the last at the top of the 2 posts to hold the whip in place.  Then wrap them in tape so they do not rust or cause injury. 


Take a toy of your choice and tie at the desired height for your dog. Note heavier toys will hang lower and sling back and bounce. After securing the toy to the whip you can cut the rest of the whip or Zip tie excess up the whip for a studded look. We did this so we can adjust for different toys later on. 

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