-traditional posting
-ear incerts
-ear stilts
All Posting methods are effective. The  major factors that  matter with sucessful ear posting is the time when they are cropped and if nutrition is suffiecent to support the cartalidge growth.  We suggest  adding  a spponful of yogurt to your puppies food.


Our Official Ear crop care guide, preview below. feel free to download and share. 

Many differnt methods:
-ear implants
Our preferred method...
*After ears are cropped  our  vet glues in extra soft inserts.  If they fall out  we glue them back in. (substitutes would  be foam board/or card board)
*We apply Neosporin 2 times a day until ears are fully healed.
*Puppies ears stay posted this way for 10 days until stitches are removed. 
*Clean ears between every post!
*While ears are finishing healing you can continue to post this way, or you can use glued in post wrapped with tape - If  ears arent fully healed change  tape  at least once a day  other wise you  risk infection.  If an  infection happens take your puppy to the vet for treatment. 
After  ears are fully healed...
Begin using  the  tapping method.
We cut  foam  board in this shape
then we add a little be of adhesive  and wrap with the curad ouchless free tape.

Example 1

Example 2

Ear tapping Video's
Traditional method: Must be careful with newly cropped ears the posting process can retain moisture and infection. This is not recommended how ever if your puppy is sensitive to tape I would recommend this method. 
Always clean ears before posting. Never go to deep into puppies ear, you can dammage their hearing. 
Optional use baby powder to keep ears clean and fresh. 
     This Method is used by Danes, works good for Dobes to!  this method allows for ears to air out after fresh crop which is great! Make sure you don't have any exposed sharp edges in your puppy’s ear.  Make sure to keep puppies stitches clean and moist with Neosporin. You can rub with a warm cloth to clean they will appreciate it. This method is best for LONG show ears. 
Incerts- My personal favorite method. They can stay in for  a week or so.  Make sure you give you puppy things to chew on it will help strengthen ears and reduce time posting.