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2 puppies? Here are the facts

We do not allow the purchase of 2 puppies at the same time or from the same litter or same sex.

Many dog behavior experts agree it's a bad idea to bring home a pair of puppies from the same litter. “Littermate syndrome” is based on anecdotal evidence that often two siblings adopted together bond intensely with each other, to the exclusion of their human family. 

A lot of people think that as long as you get two of the same gender, or both of them are altered everything will be fine. This is not the case.

Some dogs tend to be aggressive toward the same gender. This happens for several reasons. Most full males tend to fight whether for dominance or for a female. Even if there is a neighboring female in heat. Sometimes, two females will fight, however this is a rare occurrence. That does not mean you can get two females and they will never fight. Most often dogs that show this aggression fall in the one to three-year-old age gap.Some breeds are at higher risk and certain things will increase chances of problems.

  • breed

  • age

  • tempemerment

  • dominance

  • if they are fixed or not (unaltered animals tend to have more hormones which makes for more fights)

Please keep these things in mind. If you currently have a breed that falls into the same sex aggression windows(pits, doberman, rotties, boxers consider opposite gender if you plan to make a new addition.  

1 puppy is lots of work and very expensive to raise, 2 puppies means twice the everything

  • vet bills

  • food

  • ear posting

  • house traning

  • training

  • time each puppy will have individual needs for training and socialization


below we will list some links for more information. we believe in avoiding issues rather that fixing them. we simply want whats best for our puppies. naturally dobermans are people ordinated breed.

"sometimes what's easiest for us is not always what is best for the puppy. here we focus on whats right and not easy."

we try to focus on informing and educating owners so that they are best prepared for ownership.

Links for more information:

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