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There are more than 2 registrys (American/AKC and European / FCI) However most of the registrys adhere to one of the standards. For example most of the dogs in India adhere to the American standard and their dogs are built on american and Argentina lines. If you visit the AKC website they have a list of accepted registered Kennel Clubs. There are 2 CKC however only one is accepted by AKC. The First is "The Continental Club"It is not accepted by AKC and dogs by this registry are not considered quality dogs or even acknowledged as purebred. Most breeders consider it a fake registry, they are not credible.


Difference between AKC and CKC (Continental Kennel Club).

The 2nd CKC is the "Canadian Kennel Club" They are accepted by AKC and of are equal quality as AKC.

Temperament & Training: 

Both are very smart and highly trainable. However every dog is an individual and will have their own personalities, likes and dislikes, its important when selecting a puppy to keep this in mind. 

 Health issues:

Both share similar health concerns. Recent science suggests that ALL the Dobermans of today come from same lines, however the difference between these lines are each dogs individual DNA that they pass on to their offspring.  Health concerns vary from the amount of inbreeding in each line. Unfortunately even genetic testing can not insure a healthy puppy but it most certainly puts the odds in our favors, some breeders will offer genetic grantees. European lines tend to be heavily line bred due to their strict standards, which in some cases is deteriorative to the dobermans in Europe.

Life Span:

American Dobermans typically have a life span of 10 years -17 years depending on the lines. 


European Dobermans typically live 2-11 years depending on the lines.

Yes that is a sad life span for the European Doberman. That is why we have made it our goal to focus on health and longativity. A lot of breeders will deny this fact.

American 60-80lbs

Males and females vary.

American is lighter because they have a smaller bone structure which allows them to be quick and agile. 

European 60-110lbs

Males and Females Vary. 

European Dobermans typically weigh more because their bone structure is larger. The concentration of inbreeding has caused genetic deformities that many perceive as beautiful. Duplicate genes that are built up are the cause for the larger heads and thicker bone.


European dogs have a higher standard they breed to in reference to make sure every Doberman has the traits (temperament and capabilities) the breed is supposed to have: like temperament and they have tests such as IPO and other sports for a Doberman to prove its worth. We believe out breeding will allow our dobermans to possess the  beauty, functionality and the correctness of both standards. 

The American Doberman is focused on agility, obedience, tracking, dock diving and some also are titled in IPO.  Temperament tests are also done. We do not believe one is better than the other, both have pros and cons and we hope to combine them to a better doberman. 

As you can now see both Dobermans have pros and cons and we believe in a better Doberman so we selectively breed them together for a better Doberman. 

Here at South Paw's we are commited to bring you the best! 

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