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Any and all questions and concerns about puppies are on this page. 



      Our Puppy price vary between 2500-3500 depending on bloodlines, ear crop etc. Our puppies are always AKC registered and limited which means you do not have full breeding rights, this serves as quality control, not every doberman should be bred. However if you are looking for a breeding quality doberman please let us know. We save the best puppies for breeding homes. No z factor/whites/creams. We occasionally DNA test our whole litter. Ear cropping is standard done by our licensed vet. Tail docking and dew claws are non-negotiable. If you want natural ears please request so. Our puppies come with 30 days free insurance and a 4 year genetic guarantee. Anything after 4 years old is at our discretion. A small bag of food is included. Life time breeder support for questions and or training advice. We want updates on our puppies. We do NOT allow the purchase of 2 puppies to the same home. Please read about litter mate syndrome and separation anxiety. This is because we want to insure every puppy gets their unique social and mental needs met. The most important part in a puppies life is the first 12 weeks! Puppies learn so much in this time and its so easy to correct bad things before they become a large spoiled doberman. It is ESPECIALLY important to make sure you have enough time to raise your puppy right, they only know what you teach them. Begin training your new puppy as soon as it arrives home.


 We microchip all of our puppies. We do puppy temperament testing as well as placement. Stud and Dam owners get first pick. Our puppies are picked by deposit order. We do not accept deposits until our puppies are born, no breeder should. We strongly urge to pick your puppy by temperament over color. We breed our puppies for health, longer life and temperament, we do this by mixing working lines and show lines to produce versatile puppies that can suit any preference. Deposit must be received to hold your puppy. Puppy must be paid in full before leaving. 

Our process:

Step 1- Application

Step 2-place a deposit 

Step 3- follow our Facebook for pictures ad videos and watch puppies grow

step 4-when puppies 6 weeks we schedule appointments for clients to visit after puppies have had their first round of vaccines

Step 5- 7 weeks we do the puppy aptitude test (P.A.T) Temperament testing

Step 6- Client choose puppies by deposit order

Step 7- Puppies get cropped by out vet

Step 8- Clients take puppies home and we go over after care instructions as well as contracts

Step 9- We will request updates/ Clients send updates



We need an application before we ever take a deposit. Visits are by appointment ONLY. Waiting list has started. A deposit must be placed to be guaranteed a puppy. Deposits aren't accepted until we have an application. We have a new policy in place called mini deposit which alows you to save your spot to pick your puppy. We send out litter announcements via email, and post publicly through our Facebook page "South Paws Doberman" please subscribe below. Please do not submit an application until your actively searching for a Doberman.

Deposits varry from 750/1000/1500 depending on the contract type and litter. Typically its half of price.


Thank you,


Whats included?


*** Some of the below is dependent on COVID*** (preventatives have gotten scarce)

Docked tails

Dew claws removed

Ears cropped


4 year genetic guarantee

puppies started on preventatives @ 8 weeks

Vet papers proof of vaccination

Microchip (clients name 1st, we are 2nd)

1 complimentary initial office visit (AKC) 

AKC papers 

30 days of FREE insurance for your new puppy!

puppy aptitude test (completed by breeder)

1 small bag of food

toy pack (when available )

Life long support

We include a litter certificate with each puppy, this is the puppies first 3 generations).

These are non negotiable for our puppies and is standard with all of our puppies. 

Not Included

Ground Transport (Door- Door)

 Typically runs about $350-$400 estimated coast to coast with in the USA, by a USDA CERTIFIED Transporter.

We no longer have a ground transporter and prefer to ship puppies via airline, we have found it to be less stressful on our puppies because its a shorter time. If you prefer ground transport, it will have to be approved by us because we want to keep our puppies safe. 


Estimated $350-$400 (Cropped ears must be fully healed) Additional boarding may be required at added cost. This method is much better when we use the pet safe program. It is also quicker with added value! You concider a 15 hour ride in a van with multiple stops adds risk to your not fully vaccinated puppy vs a controlled environment on a flight that is a mere few hours. 

Pick up

If you pick your puppy up, you must bring a crate for safe transport home.

We recommend Medium crate with a towel or blanket.


International travel possible please inquire.

     Buying from any breeder does not guarantee a healthy long lived puppy, which is why breeders offer a genetic guarantee. Even with all the health testing in the world there are still things that can not be tested for or avoided. However selective breeding from healthy dogs with low inbreeding we believe is the best way to put the odds in the puppies favor. We select our dogs from lines that have long lived, healthy history. That is always our first step!


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     Every puppy is an individual and has inherited its own special DNA and personality. It is not like going to wal-mart and choosing how to decorate your home. Every family is different and has different needs, just like every puppy is different and has different needs. 

     If you are an active family we want to make sure your puppy can keep up and live a happy and full life. If your looking for a low energy puppy we would not want to place a puppy who has high energy in a low energy home. That puppy would not be living to the fullest. When we out-cross our blood lines and different dogs we typically end up with a variety of puppies and traits. This is the reality of genetics. We do not get to choose which traits each puppy gets. For example if we breed a high drive to a low drive the litter of puppies drive will vary. If we breed a zero stranger tolerant dog to an overly friendly dog the puppies will inherit a variety of friendliness. Even breeding perfect to perfect will not guarantee perfect. Millions of genes make up your puppy, some date back to when the breed was created. Please feel free to mention anything about your family and needs on your application.


      Any one interested in buying a puppy must fill out a puppy application. Directions are on top of the application. 


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