We own 30 acres of rolling hills in Rome, GA. We have top doberman lines know for health and long life many have titles and have many awards from the ring.


     Our motivation to breed for health was sparked from owning Nemo. It is not fair for a dog to suffer medically due to a breeder’s negligence or for owners to suffer financially and emotionally. Over all we have been rescuing animals since 2010. We have been successful at rehabilitation and rehoming. Then we got Mr Apollo when he was very young and realized the difference between purebred and not breed specific (differences as in Dobermans vs other breeds). Our family just fell in love with the breed. Then after I struggled with finding the perfect Doberman and breeder we have decided to try to be better than the rest, learn more, accept new knowledge and facts, and breed the way breeding is intended. Our professional agenda is showing people that they can get more from breeders than what they are currently getting and getting dog's that have been bred right.  


     We expect our dogs to outlive these others with less health concerns and better over all characteristics. We plan to import and cross breed to produce the perfect Dobermans. Even now we have some imported blood and some already crossed (parents are not related) Hopefully the larger picture will be seen by others. Animals and Doberman's are our passion and we are good at training, and understanding what needs to be improved. 

     Breeding is much more than putting a male and female together to make puppies. Every day we observe our dogs and think "how do we make you better?" Breeding is not about accepting what you have or trying to remake what you had, but to produce something better! Keep moving forward. Life is about adapting and improvement. We are our breeds Keeper.  We want our puppy families to unite and stay connected.

“Everyone thinks they have the best Doberman Pinscher, no one is wrong.”

Warm wishes, 

South Paw's Doberman

Alicia Murphy & Patrick Murphy

Alicia & Patrick Murphy

Owners Of South Paw's Doberman