Family owned and operated. We rescue, train and breed. We research bloodlines that can make better dogs.  We believe in out crossing them for lowest COI and highest genetic potential. We breed AKC doberman puppies.


     We health test all of our breeding dogs, their results and pedigrees are publicly available in our sires & dams tab. We do not breed Z factor Dobermans("whites" or "albino"), they are not rare, sadly their genes are mutated and are not healthy. Most need surgery to remove cancerous growths several times in through out their lives. They are at greater risk of health concerns, and because we aspire to improve the health of the breed, we do not support such breeding.

     We research longevity and minimal health risk to ensure your new puppy can be the best they can be. 

     Our breeding program is focused on creating a better Doberman. We look for exceptionally smart Dobermans; we want our Dobermans to be highly trainable even to a novice trainer. A true Doberman will keep you smiling. A lot of breeders believe a difficult Doberman is a good Doberman, we do not believe that. We do not believe in sacrificing health and temperament for a more "show quality" Doberman. So we do our best in finding the balance between a highly trainable, healthy, pretty Doberman.



Every puppy is thoroughly looked over by our vet at every visit to do our best to make sure every puppy is as they should be. Hearts are checked, eyes and fecal. 



Proper vaccinations are given before leaving, they are our babies first.



Although our dogs are health tested, we offer a 4 year genetic guarantee. 



We abide by the traditional standard. FCI is changing the standard so if you prefer natural please let us know. 


We provide 30 day insurance. You will receive a certificate with your puppy that you have to activate within 24 hours of receiving your health certificate. They have a 250 deductible and have 90% coverage!! We highly recommend keeping for the first year and half of your puppies life so you have coverage if you need it.

will  be done through our vet. Home again is the most universal microchipping company. 


Color coated by gender, they include: a starter ball, rope, stuffed animal and a hard rubber bone, universal to suit any puppies needs.  (when available)

Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Testing

We test each puppy using the  "PAT" we have tweaked it some for other things we Look for.


 We provide you with updates on your babies’ growth. We also send home brochures to help with your puppies' basic needs. They will come with toy packs. When you buy a puppy from us, you’re joining a community



We are constantly earning more certifications that also give our puppies' families more benefits. 




     We are state licensed & certified through the Puppy Project- "pets, not product!"  They inspect every year and require we keep records of vaccinations and provide the owners with copies. The Program was created by vets for breeders.  We love to go the extra mile and raise the bar for aspiring breeders, after all they will be family living up to but not limited to 10 years. 


     We also have a certificate for our 30 day insurance that is free to our buyers no extra cost and no need to renew it will expire or you can contact them to keep it. You also receive a certificate for this. 

     WE ARE NOT USDA. WE DO NOT sell to pet stores. All of our puppies have a forever home with us. If one of our puppies does not find a home we begin training the puppy to be apart of our family and teaching basic obedience. Our puppies are bred with the purpose to create a better doberman. 

     Our puppies are hand raised, heavily socialized and watched 24-7. Raised with comfort, love and dedication in a clean sanitized environment. We also screen all of our potential families. 

ROME , GA​ (closest major city Atlanta GA)

Email: southpawsdoberman@hotmail.com OR aliboo418@live.com
Tel:  Alicia 770-276-8539

We welcome all aspiring and experienced doberman lovers! Please contact us to set up a time to come visit us at South Paw's Doberman.





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